We smooth the path to market access for medicinal products.

The pharma world is in constant evolution. The road to market access is curvy and bumpy.
At Smart & Bi, we smooth this path. With a clear understanding of the needs of new projects, and with accurate market access strategies.

Independent consultancy organisation.

We provide decision support services for the pharma and biotech industry. Our focus lies on market access for medicinal products in Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands.


We take a customised approach to every application for reimbursement. This enables us to meet both parties’ demands of the exchange; applicants seeking recognition of the value of their pharmaceutical technology, and competent authorities who look for value for money.

Identify the specific
patient population

Crucial is to clearly identify the specific patient population in which the therapeutic value is optimised, and the willingness of competent authorities to pay for this value. At the same time we fulfil all legal and administrative requirements.

Public and
private perspective

We aim to understand both the public and private perspective. Rely on our expertise to guide you to optimised market access.

Vera Bormans

PhD, MSc Managing Partner

Step Wiser

Healtcare Expertise